Quick and easy sizing

SFA PumpSelect allows you to quickly and precisely select a solution according to your configuration and obtain a complete sizing directly downloadable.

“SFA PumpSelect” is sizing software to help you select the correct pump for your project.

You have three ways to choose your pump

Hydraulic selection

by operating point

The hydraulic selection allows the sizing and configuration of the pumps according to the conditions and installation needs, the type of effluent and the characteristics of the drainage network.

SFA PumpSelect can manage multiple operating points regardless of the effluent.

Direct product selection

by name

SFA PumpSelect offers the possibility of direct selection of the pump according to the name and type of pump.

Once the pump has been selected, the same functions as for hydraulic selection are possible. With this method, an operating point can then be defined, allowing the configuration to be used for specific operating conditions.


by rapid and qualified hydraulic selection

It is also possible to size the pumps quickly and simply by entering the desired operating point with the quick search

After entering the value Q (Flow), H (Height) as well as the nominal frequency, suitable solutions are proposed and keywords make it possible to refine the choice. Then it is possible to specify specific conditions of use as well as the hydraulic selection mode.

The instructions will help you understand the 3 options and find your best way to start with our sizing tool.

SFA PumpSelect.


SFA PumpSelect is a web application which does not require any software installation.