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SFA offers a wide range of products from greywater pumps and macerators through to lifting stations and underground pumps

In situtations where there is no gravity drainge, our products can discharge of type of wastewater : grey water, sewage water and rainwater.

The applications are many : WC, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms as well as other uses. Whether it is for lifting the water from a specific sanitary appliance or multiple project, SFA is able to meet the drainage needs of a rooom, a house, collective building or commercial premises.

Each project is different due to context, its nature or its constraints and every profeesionals role is to find the most adapted solution.


Gallery of projects and documents


Gallery of projects and documents


Product databases Fabdis, Spaix

Installers, specifiers or distributors, SFA brings your solutions for your projects, whatever your stage of development is.

  Study project: you have a project and may need to researc more about SFA products. Our sales team can assist and many tools are available to help : datasheets, installation manuals, brochures, tutorials, webinars and much more !

  Dimensioning requirements : discover our SFA PumpSelect tool. SFA Pump select allows you to quickly and precisely select a solution according to your configuration and obtain a downloadable pump recommendation. Hydraulic selection through operational requirements, direct selection by product name or quick selection via QuickSelector, the choice is yours.

You could simply fill your requirement on our available forms here and send it to us. Our team of technical experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

  Integration of 3D files: find all our BIM files, many formats are available. 

  Installation : instructions, tutorials or webinars, our tools help you install our products easily.

  Connectivity: from the Smart keyboard to SFA Connect, our lifting stations are connected for simple and efficient control of the correct operation of your product.


  After-sales service : technical question or need for a sparepart ? Our after-sales service is ready to help.

Many tools area available to you; whether it is a product sheet, technical data, instructions, sizing of a station or pump or BIM files for integration to your 3D models. 

We also invite you to visi our blog section. There ou will find tutorials to illustrate product installations as well as our latest webinars or case studies. Ideal for gaining SFA expertise !

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Consult our interactive online catalogs and let you guide you through SFA solutions.

Browse, download, share, annotate and print our solutions.

Project catalog

SFA solutions united in a single catalog at the service of our professionals.

Catalogue Négoce sanitaire

Toutes les solutions SFA à disposition des professionnels

Catalogue Sanigrease

Toutes les solutions SFA à disposition des professionnels

Can not find what you are looking for ?

Do not hesitate to contact us, our technical experts and our after-sales service are at your disposal and available to answer all your questions. 

SFA supports you in your projects and your needs.