SFA in a few dates: 60 years of existence

For more than 60 years, the companies of the SFA Group have been working to provide their professional and private customers with ever greater sanitary comfort in their daily lives. They offer much more than technological know-how; they provide inventive, reliable and easy-to-use solutions.

A state of mind and a way of doing things that resulted in 1958 in the first Sanibroyeur. A brilliant idea that continues to revolutionise interior design all over the world. This mastery of pumping solutions has spread over the years, providing valuable assistance in a wide variety of sectors.

The SFA Group is developing around 4 areas of activity:

  • Water treatment,
  • Equipment around the shower, balneotherapy and spa,
  • Domestic pumping solutions,
  • Professional pumping solutions.

From 1958 to today


Creation of SFA and the first toilet grinder

Acquisition of Europelec


Locations in Europe and North America


First TV campaign


Acquisition of Kinedo


ISO factory certification


Grandform joins the group


Acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen


Rachat de Aquasystem et de Format

New visual identity


Création de SFA et du premier broyeur WC

Acquisition de Europelec


Implantations en Europe et en Amérique du Nord


Première campagne TV


Rachat de Kinedo


Certification ISO des usines


Grandform rejoint le groupe


Rachat de ZehnderPumpen


Rachat de Aquasystem et de Format

Nouvelle identité visuelle

The essentials of the SFA GROUP brand that make it different

Why we exist

Design and manufacture domestic and professional solutions wherever water flows and drains.

Our vision, our ambition

Based on design and industrial expertise in pumps and sanitary solutions (bathrooms), deploy a specific culture of comfort in all markets.

Our positioning

Global group, providing universal and inventive (practical and adaptable) solutions.
Quality at the best price: value for money solutions.

Inventiveness at the heart of our DNA

A signature value of the SFA Group. It combines creativity, a pragmatic and clever mindset that allows us to find and propose simple but groundbreaking solutions. Inventiveness is a form of intellectual skill that characterises our Group. Sanibroyeur, Sanifloor, Sanicompact, the Air system in balneotherapy, the mounting systems for showers..., are all proof of this.

SFA Group values

The 60-year history of our Group that has made it what it is today and nurtured its vision for the future is based on a foundation of values that form our DNA. These values are strong and live on only in our day-to-day behaviour.


We innovate to meet your needs

SFA brings to its innovations a creative, ingenious - sometimes disruptive - spirit that always aims to bring a practical improvement to the lives of its users: the Sanibroyeur concept or silicone-free showers are concrete examples of this


Our products give you all the comfort you need

Sanitary comfort, from the bathroom to all water flows in homes, buildings or boats, guides the development of all our products


We offer you the best quality on the market

The design office and our French factories develop and manufacture products with one of the lowest after-sales rates in their category


Our products are easy to install

From the implementation of our products to their daily use, we do our utmost to make our signature "SFA and it's easy" a reality

Loyalty and availability

... and simplicity in exchanges

Whether in our dealings with our distributors or with our end customers, we establish a relationship of trust that has engaged our Brand since 1958

Reliability and trust

"Strong partner since 1958"

No programmed obsolescence in our product ranges, designed to last a long time: the longevity of our Sanibroyeur bears witness to this