Installing a lifting station

To better help you untether yourself from the constraints of your project, SFA provides a whole range of pumping stations for both gray and black wastewater: one or two-engine, buriable or not, with or without an alarm system. Options that you should take into account. Below are the Sanicom, Sanicubic, and Sanifos models as references.

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Sanicom 1

Sanicom 1

The most compact and simple solution for a private home Compact design...

  • Bathtub
  • Bidet
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen sink
  • Shower
  • Shower cabin
  • Washbasins
  • Washing machine
Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2

Ideal for intensive use Compact design Ability to pump water of up to 90°C....
  • Bathtub
  • Bidet
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen sink
  • Shower head
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins
  • Washing machine
Sanicubic 1 WP

Sanicubic 1 WP

With SANICUBIC® pumping stations can easily mounted on the ground. Several...
Sanicubic 2 Classic

Sanicubic 2 Classic

The SANICUBIC 2 Classic enables the removal of grey and black water from any...
Sanicubic 1 VX

Sanicubic 1 VX

The SANICUBIC 1 VX is ideal for single-family homes, small houses, small...
Sanicubic 2 VX

Sanicubic 2 VX

The SANICUBIC 2 XL is ideal for residential buildings, commercial buildings,...
Sanicubic 1 GR

Sanicubic 1 GR

The SANICUBIC 1 GR is ideal for shops and private homes.  Wheel Dilacrator...
Sanicubic 2 GR

Sanicubic 2 GR

The SANICUBIC 2 GR is a 2-motor lifting station ideal for small commercial...
Sanicubic 1 SC

Sanicubic 1 SC

The SANICUBIC 1 SC is ideal for evacuating large quantities of effluent....
Sanifos 110

Sanifos 110

The pumping solution for your future home Independent operation Ideal for a...
Sanifos 280

Sanifos 280

The complete solution for your future home  Autonomous operation Ideal for a...
Sanifos 610

Sanifos 610

The SFA know-how for sewage lifting  Single-phase or Three-phase version One...

There are two different kinds of pumping stations for you to choose from: the ready-to-use and the buriable. The installation work differs depending on the model preferred. Since they are electrically powered and need to be wired, both stations require the expertise of an authorized electrician upon setting up. What is a pumping station, you ask? How does one go about choosing the most fitted one for their home? What are SFA's available pumping station models? Here are the answers!

An introduction to pumping stations

Both the ready-to-use and the buriable stations operate the same. At home, as wastewater gets used, it progressively flows through the pumping station. Whenever a determined threshold level is reached, an engine-powered turbine sucks it up to later evacuate it to the sewer network via a discharge pipe. Equipped with a shredding system, pumping stations make it possible to process and drain human waste. Once wastewater is taken care of, the whole process resumes: as the water level lowers, the floating sensor comes down. As we have already seen above, there are two types of pumping stations:

The ready-to-use pumping station

The ready-to-use pumping station is better suited for the disposal of wastewater from a bathroom situated below the primary wastewater system of the property, that is, in the basement, usually. Very little cumbersome, such a pumping station is best set up in the basement.

The buriable pumping station

By raising the wastewater level, the buriable pumping station helps with its discharging into the drainage network of the city. Buried only a few feet from the building it is linked to, such a station is best used when the premises are found below a city's sewage system. Unobtrusive, it is easily accessible for maintenance work.

How to pick your pumping station?

Whether personal or professional, to choose the pumping station that best meets your needs, you must consider the following elements:

       ◾ The problem at hand;
       ◾ The type of wastewater to process;
       ◾ Both the volume capacity and maximum total dynamic head of the station.

The issue at stake

Before picking your pumping station model, first, identify your needs. There are two types of scenarios at play, generally:

       ◾ You must clear wastewater from one or several other shower rooms located below your home drain system (e.g., the basement laundry room) or outside your building (e.g., outdoor kitchen, pool house). A ready-to-use station is your best bet in this case.
       ◾ Your premises are either below or far enough away from the city drainage network: therefore, a buriable pumping station is recommended.

The different types of wastewater to drain

The pumping station must be compatible with the kind of wastewater that is to be pumped out into the sewerage network: gray water, black water, human waste, etc. Moreover, its use will be different depending on whether it is used privately or professionally.

The volume capacity of the pumping station

Volume capacity refers to the amount of water a pumping station tank can hold. It is primordial that it corresponds to your actual needs to prevent the pump from overexertion. It is typical to choose a 100-liter tank for a five-room home. Each additional room accounts for an extra volume of 25 liters. Note that the system capacity is proportional to the pump output.

The maximum total dynamic head of the pumping station

Commonly referred to as lift height, the total manometric size of the pumping station plays an essential part. It varies depending on how your home or professional premises are laid out. This measure is calculated based on the distance separating the pumping station from the sewer network. In addition to the height, the horizontal distance is also to be taken into account.

Other characteristics of a pumping station

In addition to the above, other criteria come in handy when picking the right pumping station. These include engine power and usage, noise level, number of inputs, maximum inflowing wastewater temperature, etc.

Pumping station accessories

Lastly, pick a pumping station that comes with the necessary accessories for its proper functioning, namely: a non-return valve, a sleeve, and connectors. You can also opt for a model with an alarm box, either remote or not.

SFA's pumping stations

SFA has been involved in sanitary solutions innovation for more than 60 years for both individuals and professionals. SFA offers two ranges of pumping stations that meet all your needs: the ready-to-use Sanicubic and the buriable Sanifos pumping stations.

SFA's Sanicubic ready-to-use pumping stations

The SFA Sanicubic range consists of pumping stations to be set up at home or on professional premises.

Here are the different models available:

The Sanicubic 1 pumping station

This high-performance pumping station comes equipped with Pro X K2 shredding technology. It has got four inputs, two of which are low-level to connect kitchens, laundry rooms, shower rooms, and even sanitary facilities. This station helps with the draining of gray and sewage water from either a lodge or small commercial premises through a small-diameter output. Its total dynamic head is 13 meters. The Sanicubic 1 pumping station comes with a 2-year warranty, an audible and visual remotely-wired alarm box, and an integrated non-return valve.

The Sanicubic 1 GR pumping station

With seven inputs, this model meets all the wastewater drainage needs of an individual house or a small business. It can be connected both in a single-phase or three-phase setting. The Sanicubic 1 GR comes equipped with a cast iron pump and macerator blades. This ready-to-use pumping station is compact and does not require any prior ground clearance work upon set-up.

It is available in 5 variants, all ensuring a lift height of 72 to 128 feet. With its 2-year warranty, the Sanicubic 1 GR pumping station is delivered with an integrated pneumatically-controlled audible and visual alarm box.

The Sanicubic 1 SC pumping station

This three-phase pumping station is best suited for the draining of wastewater from professional premises. Its powerful engine, high flow rate, single-channel impeller, and large tank, allow vast volumes of wastewater to be poured out into the sewerage network.

Four versions are available, with a total dynamic head ranging from 32 to 72 feet. With its 2-year warranty, the Sanicubic 1 SC pumping station comes with a pneumatically-triggered switch and an integrated audible and visual alarm.

The Sanicubic 1 VX pumping station

Used for cafes or restaurants, this pumping station model is also suited for small individual homes. Composed of three inputs, a large tank, a powerful engine, and a chopper wheel, it can lift gray and sewage wastewater to 42 feet. The Sanicubic 1 VX pumping station comes with a two-year warranty, a remote control box, an audible and visual alarm, and a non-return valve.

The Sanicubic 1 WP pumping station

Offering the same characteristics as the Sanicubic 1, this very efficient pumping station comes with reinforced sealing. Its maintenance is simplified thanks to its removable engine and level sensors. The Sanicubic 1 WP pumping station comes with a two-year warranty, a remote control box, and a remote audible and visual alarm box.

The Sanicubic 2 Classic pumping station

This pumping station model is meant for intensive use. It is designed to meet the requirements of any business whose basement is far from the wastewater-draining pipes. Two engines and five inputs ensure its functioning, two of which are low-level and allow coupling with toilets. Gray and black wastewater can be lifted to 42 feet. The Sanicubic 2 Classic pumping station comes with a 2-year warranty, two integrated non-return valves, a control box, and a remote alarm box.

The Sanicubic 2 GR pumping station

This 2-engine, 2-macerator blade model is best suited for large homes or small businesses. It is available in four versions, which ensure a lift height of 72 to 127 feet. The Sanicubic 2 GR pumping station comes with a 2-year warranty and a pneumatic control box equipped with a dual visual and audible alarm.

The Sanicubic 2 Pro pumping station

Pumping station with a connected control box; also available with a standard control box. Its main features are a 42 feet total dynamic head, two engines, and five inputs, two of which are low-level. The 2-year warranty Sanicubic 2 Pro pumping station comes with a remote control box with a dual visual and audible alarm.

The Sanicubic 2 SC pumping station

This pumping station is meant for buildings or shopping malls. It is composed of two powerful three-phase pumps, two engines, a large tank, and two single-channel impellers. It is available in 4 versions with a total lift height of 32 to 72 feet. The 2-year warranty Sanicubic 2 SC pumping station comes with a pneumatic control box and includes a dual visual and audible alarm.

The Sanicubic 2 VX pumping station

Here is another model for small buildings or large commercial premises. This is a complete ready-to-use pumping station: it has got five inputs - of which two are low-level -, two Vortex pumps, and two AC engines (single or three-phase, etc.). There are four variations for lift heights, varying from 42 or 52 feet. The 2-year warranty Sanicubic 2 VX pumping station comes with two non-return valves, an interactive control box, and an alarm.

SFA's SANIFOS buriable pumping stations

SFA's Sanifos range consists of near-home buriable pumping stations. Here is an overview of the latest innovative models:

The Sanifos 110 pumping station

This compact pre-assembled buriable pumping station is meant to facilitate set-up. With its 4 supply units, the 45-feet lift height pump works automatically to pump wastewater from a house - toilets included. Note that there is an available pumping station version for gray wastewater with a multi-channel wheel instead of the chopper wheel.

The 2-year warranty Sanifos 110 pumping station, comes with pre-assembled water turbines and a cable gland, which ensure the safe positioning of the engine cable.

The Sanifos 280 pumping station

This autonomous pumping station showcases similar characteristics to the previous entry. It is available in a chopper or vortex version with fitted flow rates. Two after-treatment wastewater pumping station versions for rainwater or greywater are also available. The 2-year warranty Santos 280 pumping station comes with its water turbines, shut-off, and non-return valves.

The Sanifos 610 pumping station

This five-version pumping station is for collective multi-unit housing or individual homes. It's up to you to choose the one that best meets your domestic wastewater pumping needs. You can also opt for the rainwater version of this pumping station, available in three versions.

Whatever your choice may be, the 2-year warranty Sanifos 610 pumping station comes with its water turbines, non-return and shut-off valves, a control box, and a wired alarm box.

The Sanifos 1300 pumping station

Available in single or three-phase versions, this 1,300-liter tank pumping station is meant to meet all the wastewater draining needs of buildings or businesses. It comes equipped with two pumps and is declined in three versions with different flow rates and a lift height of 42 or 55 feet.

A 22-foot lift-height rainwater pumping station version is available. The 2-year warranty Sanifos 1300 pumping station comes with an interactive and intelligent remote monitoring box.

The Sanifos 1600, 2100, and 3100 pumping stations

Here are tailor-made pumping stations that you can assemble according to your needs. You get to choose the number of inputs, the tank volume, the number of pumps, the type of water to be pumped, the control box, and their various accessories. There are 90 possible combinations, which all come with a 2-year warranty.