Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2

Ideal for intensive use

  • Compact design
  • Ability to pump water of up to 90°C.
  • Comes with remote control:
  • 2 pumps in alternate use for more intensive use.





SANICOM® 2 is a dual-motor lift station for draining wastewater from bathrooms (not toilet), kitchens, and laundries.


SANICOM® 2 has two independent pumps. Its second motor will relieve the first one by engaging when too much water enters the pump.


The SANICOM® 2 is advisable for intensive use.



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SANICOM® 2 datasheet

Sanicom 2
Maximum incoming water temperature 90 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Tank PE
Pump body PA 12 GF
Motor body Aluminium
Wheel PA 6 GF
Electrical Specifications
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power input P1 1500 W
Power output P2 1050 W
Protection class IPX4
Max. TDH 15 m
Max. flow 16 m³/h
Ext. inlets diameter 40, 50, 80 mm
Discharge pipe diameter 50 mm
Vent diameter 50 mm
Total volume 34 L
Effective volume 13 L
ON/OFF level 145/60
Alarm level 215 mm
Clearance 8 mm
Type of interlocking Pneumatic
Identification & Logistic
EAN Code 3308815082868
Factory code COM2002