Sanicubic 2 VX

Sanicubic 2 VX

The SANICUBIC 2 XL is ideal for residential buildings, commercial buildings, restaurants, schools, hotels, shopping centres.

  • 2 motors for more intensive use
  • Numerous inlets available
  • Standard equipment





The SANICUBIC 2 XL has vortex KXV6 technology enabling 50mm diameter evacuation. In addition, the two motors enable operation in all circumstances. Its 5 inputs make it possible to connect all the sanitary facilities required. It comes with remote control and alarm as standard. Lastly it is available in single-phase and three-phase versions....

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Sanicubic 2 VX
Order type Classic control box
Tank PP GF
Pump body PA 12 GF
Motor body PA 12 GF
Wheel PPO GF
Electrical Specifications
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power output P2 1400 W
Mode of operation S3 30%
Protection class IP68
Max. TDH 13 m
Max. flow 40 m³/h
Ext. inlets diameter 40, 50, 100, 110, 125 mm
Discharge pipe diameter 90/110 mm
Vent diameter 75 mm
Total volume 120 L
Effective volume 26 L
ON/OFF level 165/95 mm
Alarm level 235 mm
Clearance 50 mm
Max. permissible temperature of the pumped liquid 70°C (5 min)
Wheel type Vortex wheel
Type of interlocking Pneumatic
Identification & Logistic
Gross weight 101 kg
EAN Code 3308815063140
Factory code CUBIC2XLVX