Grease separators

To be installed or buried for a temporary or permanent installation of grease filtration before discharge, SFA offers you several dimensions and types of products with the Sanigrease range.

Grease separators

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Sanigrease T

Sanigrease T

The SANIGREASE T can be installed for restaurant kitchen dives : Optimal...

  • Commercial use

Two ranges of SFA grease traps 

  •        ◾ a range to be installed with the Sanigrease T 
  •        ◾ Not in VN portfolio

Sanigrease T 24

Sanigrease T 24 is a polyethylene grease trap for frost-free installation for mobile devices such as food trucks or dishwashers. Sanigrease T 24, small and lightweight (4 kg), can be installed easily under a professional sink for occasional use thanks to its DN 50 inlets and outlets. Sanigrease T 24 has a total capacity of 24 L and a maximum grease volume of 8 L. It must be emptied daily.

Sanigrease T  40/60/80/100

Sanigrease T 40/60/80/100 are grease traps designed for restaurant kitchen sinks. Thanks to their small size, installation is quick and easy. The four height-adjustable feet make cleaning around the containers easy. Maintenance is made more accessible by the removable peel basket and the drain valves.