A sanitary macerator designed to evacuate a horizontal outlet toilet and a hand wash basin. 

  • ideal for creating a secondary toilet
  • silent operation
  • discreet design


  • Toilet
  • Washbasins

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The SANITOP is a macerator-pump that allows a toilet (toilet + washbasin) to be installed anywhere, up to 5 metres below the general drainage level.

The system collects the wastewater from the toilet with horizontal outlet and the hand washbasin, grinds the material and thus allows the wastewater to be discharged through a pipe with a diameter of only 32 mm.

Installation is easy:

  • The SANITOP macerator-pump is simply connected to the horizontal outlet of the ceramics
  • The sink drain is connected to the upper inlet of the SANITOP
  • The toilet cistern is connected to the water mains.
  • The disposal of the shredder is connected to the mains by means of a 32 mm diameter pipe.
  • The device is connected to the mains supply of the house.

The SANITOP sanitary disposer is equipped with the latest SFA developments in noise reduction. The device is equipped with a set of silent-blocks that allow a large part of the transmitted noise to be absorbed: in addition to operating with very short grinding cycles of 2-3 seconds, the SANITOP generates less noise than a refilling external cistern.

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Ref. SANITOP: 0100200

Column 0
Application Toilet, Washbasins
Number of available inlets 2
Inlet diameter 40, 100 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter 22/28/32 mm
Motor power 400W
Supply voltage 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
IP rating IP44
Maximum incoming water temperature 35 °C
Sound level 46 dB(A)
Mã sản xuất ST2STD
Identification & Logistic
Gross weight 5,7 kg